New Gadget for Grinders

New Gadget for Grinders

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

If you've ever found yourself in a situation at the poker table where you're halfway through a tournament and your tablet runs out of battery than a couple of poker players from Texas think they have the answer.

Named the Grinder Gadget, the new piece of kit sits neatly on the rail of virtually any live poker table and acts as both a platform for a tablet as well as a charging station. According to the product's Kick Starter page, the stand/charger is capable of providing additional power for two devices at once and will accommodate tablets up to 10 inches long.

Stating that the Grinder Gadget is "designed by poker players, for poker players", Sean Hansen and Jacob Burns reportedly went through 50 designs before they created what they believe will make grinding live MTTs a more entertaining experience.

The original idea for the product came after the two players kept losing power on their tablets during long MTTs. With no way to change their devices at the table (something you can do on some cash tables but not tournament tables), the pair eventually sketched out some ideas.

Once they'd settled on a rough design they took it to TXS Industrial design for some finishing touches before putting together a prototype. The product is now ready for use, even at the World Series of Poker thanks to some negotiations with the event's organisers, but only if the team can raise $20,000.

Although the design is set and the manufacturers in place, the team wants to raise $20,000 via Kick Starter to help them get it on the shelves as soon as possible.

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