New Copenhagen club targets stripping and poker lovers

New Copenhagen club targets stripping and poker lovers

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

You have to love the Danes – inventors of Lego, Carlsberg, apple Danishes and busty Scandinavian women. Now they have added a new reason to visit Hamlet’s old country as soon as possible by opening strip and poker club 7th Heaven.

In the heart of capital city Copenhagen, 7th Heaven will open next month targetting the student market – it is only €25 to get in and the first lap dance is free. Dammit, Cameron – you need some sort of plan like that implemented for students over here.

Awesomely named Dane Slim Isaksen is behind the concept and he said: “I have more than 15 years of experience in running clubs and, when I got the idea with 7th Heaven, I thought that it should be a place where people could come and enjoy themselves in the right atmosphere.

"Something extra to offer Copenhagen and a place where you can feel a bit spoiled", says Isaksen, "and the low prices are a crucial part of the concept. The club is the first of its kind in Scandinavia.”

Currently, the club is working on holding a poker license but plans to host the beautiful game are still in motion – Isaksen explains that instead of real cash prizes, things like champagne or...other services...could be won.

"We're currently working on getting the license but this stuff is not so straightforward as one could wish for", says Isaksen.

"But, until we get a license we'll set up tournaments where our players can win non-cash prizes such as gifts and services within the club. It may be, for example, free strips, tickets to the bar or a bottle of Magnum champagne. It is also possible to rent tables in the club for private fun games, for example, bachelor parties or just a nice night out. The sky is the limit."

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