New Bid for US Federal Online Gaming

New Bid for US Federal Online Gaming

Friday, 7 June 2013

Federal online poker is back on the agenda in the USA after new legislation was introduced on Thursday.

Republican congressman Peter King's Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act 2013 would establish a common federal regulatory regime for online gaming. The bill would also create an Office of Internet Gambling Oversight in the Treasury Department to set criteria for the licensing of operators by state and tribal governments.

“A common federal standard will ensure strong protections for consumers, protect against problem and underage gambling and make it easier for businesses, players, lawmakers and regulators to navigate and freely participate,” said King.

King’s office stated that the proposed measure, which would need to be backed by both houses of the US Congress before being signed by the President, also includes an opt-out provision for any jurisdiction ‘that does not wish to participate in the federal interstate system...and prohibit online gambling or to operate intra-state gaming within its borders as authorised under state or tribal law’.

The latest bid for a national solution to online gaming in the USA comes after Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware introduced intra-state lesgislation.

King's new legislation was given backing from the Poker Players Alliance lobby group whose CEO John Pappas said, “Congress cannot ignore progress and the facts. Americans want the freedom to play online poker in a regulated market and states are filling the void. Already three states have authorized online gaming and several more are on the precipice of joining them.

“Poker players recognize the benefits of a federal law over the current state-by-state approach. However, as more states lead, it will be difficult for Congress to follow – and even more difficult to see the necessity of federal legislation. We hope that all of Congress can work together and support this bill. We look forward to supporting this vital legislation and urge its swift movement through the legislative process.”

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