Neil Channing gets robbed

Neil Channing gets robbed

Monday, 9 November 2009

Up until recently, Neil Channing has had a good history with the Irish - indeed, Dublin was the place where he won over €800,000 in the 2008 Irish Open having already backed himself at 100/1 to win the tournament. However, his recent trip to Ireland looks to have tarnished his happy memories of the place after he was robbed of a briefcase full of cash.

Returning from Dublin with a lighter luggage load than planned, Channing vented his feelings on his blog, explaining how a briefcase full of money had gone walky walky from his hotel room.

Having decided to stay a few extra days in Dublin following the Boyle Poker IPO, Channing had checked himself into the Citywest Hotel and was mid-tournament when he decided to pop back to his room to get some cash, only to find that his briefcase full of money had mysteriously disappeared from his room.

He explains in his blog:

“I don't really want to talk too much about the robbery. I'm a bit upset over it and obviously felt I'd been specifically targeted. I'm clearly an idiot for leaving it in my room and there isn't much I can do. I was also unlucky to be on the floor with no CCTV and to have had such a lot of cash.”

However, there is a happy ending to this story. On his return to London, Channing found himself back in the comfort of the Vic card room calling a raise with Ad-Qh from the big blind. A flop of Kh-Js-Ts brought a great deal of interest with two players moving all in before a third player decided to shove his lot in as well. ‘Two blanks later and I was out of it on robberies for the week.’

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