Negreanu to Join California's iGaming Efforts

Negreanu to Join California's iGaming Efforts

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

PokerStars appears to be upping its efforts to get online poker regulated in California with a charm offensive set for later this week.

Keen to join the recent wave of positive momentum that's currently sweeping through The Golden State, PokerStars is sending Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville to Sacramento to espouse the virtues of online poker.

As it stands, online poker regulation appears to be closer than ever in California and a concerted effort by some of the game's leading figures could be the final push officials need to back the industry.

As well as talking poker regulation, Negreanu and Somerville will be taking part in a free-play online poker match so members of the media and local officials can get a feel for how the game is played.

When the action goes down on Thursday, it will do so at the same time as the California Gaming Conference. Although the two events aren't linked, the presence of senior gaming officials should create a greater buzz for PokerStars' event.

Beyond PokerStars' desire to help Californian regulation, the tweet by Negreanu is one of his first public declarations about US online poker since he spoke to Talking to the New Jersey based media outlet during the WPT World Championship, Negreanu stated that more states need to get on board if the industry is going to survive.

"It depends what it looks like. If the states aren't going to get on board and work together for interstate gambling, it won't work. I don't know what effect PokerStars will have on the dynamic, but I think having the company involved is going to help the industry as a whole," the pro told NJC.

While it's unlikely the PR effort by PokerStars will force an immediate change in California, there's no doubt it will help improve the state's chances of igaming regulation.

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