Negreanu’s Rant on Integrity

Negreanu’s Rant on Integrity

Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Everyone deserves a second chance", that’s the message Daniel Negreanu has sent out to the poker community in his latest video blog. Uploaded yesterday, Daniel recounts two personal stories involving loans before using them as a platform to launch into a discussion about integrity in the poker world.

In amongst his talk he references his own inexcusable behaviour early in his career – with regards to being unable to pay back some money owed to people - as well as some friends of his whom have done some shady things.

However, far from flat-out lambasting those who’ve made a misstep, Daniel offer’s the opinion that everyone should have the chance to redeem themselves, but only if they admit their sins.

The vlog is clearly a reference to many of those implicated in the Full Tilt scandal, but unlike previous vlogs Daniel appears to take a less emotional fuelled stance and deliver a measured, yet insightful, set of ideas.
The vlog concludes with a quick discussion about calling the clock on people and his method for implementing the much talked about “shot clock”.

As ever the vlog is well worth a watch in its entirety.

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