Negreanu's Random Act of Kindness

Negreanu's Random Act of Kindness

Friday, 29 August 2014

It seems as though icy cold wave of benevolence that sweeping the globe with the Ice Bucket Challenge has washed over Daniel Negreanu.

Although he's known for putting his name, and his bankroll, to good causes, the PokerStars pro took things a step further this week when he offered to given away $5,000 to 10 random Twitter followers.

In an act of pure generosity, Kid Poker asked his 321,000 followers to give a reason why they should receive a $500 gift:

Almost seconds after the tweet went live a slew of responses began flooding in and after sifting through them all, Negreanu finally "favourited" the ten he considered worthy of a prize, including:

"@jveenstra1 - I'd give $400 to the local youth organization that provides education support and $100 to buy a bike for a friend in need."

"@dfinnegan81 - My answer would have been different two weeks ago, but I'd start a college fund for my newborn son."

"@Ompts - I'd take my wife on an unforgettable weekend to the #river! We have had 1 vacation since being married. We have 3 kids 12, 8, 4!"

With his choices made, Negreanu distributed the money and simply asked that everyone he chose stuck to their word and used the money as they said they would.

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