Negreanu’s HPT Restructure

Negreanu’s HPT Restructure

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It might not be as much of a big deal in Europe as it is in America but there’s little doubt the Heartland Poker Tour is one that’s gaining in popularity.

Since its inception eight years ago the national US tour has attracted a strong fan base, despite almost being left for dead by the dissolution of the Epic Poker League.

Indeed, with Greg Raymer winning four titles last year, the HPT has certainly found a place amongst the premium mid-stakes poker tours in the world.

With that in mind the organisers have taken steps to improve their product with the help of one of the world’s best tournament players: Daniel Negreanu.

Drawing on his knowledge and expertise, Fred Beville, the HPT’s Executive Producer, wanted to ensure all players got an experience that was both great value and rewarding of skill.

Daniel’s main area of focus was the antes, which he believed were a little too high. Once he’d adjusted the numbers on this he moved to introduce some extra blind levels to create a “smoother structure”.

The new Daniel Negreanu designed structures will debut this year, with organisers hoping it further cements their reputation as a world-class tournament option.

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