Negreanu returns to online poker

Negreanu returns to online poker

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Daniel Negreanu logged onto PokerStars for the first time since 'Black Friday' last night and, although it only took him five hands to get felted with an open-ended straight flush draw that didn’t get there, he revealed that he had missed playing poker online a lot.

Negreanu is currently looking at getting his own apartment in Toronto but for now is shacked up with his brother.

The Canadian WSOP multiple bracelet-winner took home a small amount in his first session back after going where the action is having jumped into the $25/$50 Omaha games. He stated in his blog that it is 'a fun, swingy gambling game with high variance'.

"I’m hoping to play a bit of everything, really," wrote Negreanu.

Meanwhile, the big winner in the afrementioned Omaha games was the aptly-named 'takechip'. This player did indeed take chip after chip and won more than $226,000 playing PLO5000. Ben Tollerene was the main victim of 'takechip', who is a Canadian pro known in the real world as Phil D'Auteuil.

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