Negreanu on sunglasses

Negreanu on sunglasses

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Is there anything more ridiculous than sitting down in a small buy in a pub game and finding yourself sitting across the table from someone wearing sunglasses? They've obviously seen someone on the telly doing it and think that it will either make them look very cool or give them an edge in a £5 donkament. In fact it just makes them look very, very silly.

It appears that I'm not the only one who thinks that. Writing on his blog Daniel Negreanu had this to say about sunglasses in poker. “One thing I love about our show (the new PokerStars show The Big Game), is that FINALLY there is a rule in place where you can't hide like a chicken behind sunglasses! I swear every TV producer should ban sunglasses entirely from any televised event. They are so bad for poker on so many levels. Poker wouldn't be on TV if everyone wore hoodies and sunglasses to hide their eyes."

"If anyone wants to start a petition to ban them in any form of poker whether it's tournaments, cash games, or televised events I'd do whatever I could to help."

Bluff Europe concurs. Keep the shades for the beach people.

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