Negreanu beats Blom in Superstar Showdown rematch

Negreanu beats Blom in Superstar Showdown rematch

Monday, 28 March 2011

After last week's sound thrashing few people can have expected Daniel Negreanu to win the second leg of his Superstars Showdown against Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom but that was just what Kid Poker managed to do in the rematch with the Swedish wunderkind, booking a $26,500 profit after 2,500 hands over four tables yesterday.

The opening skirminshes didn't augur well for Negreanu though and a repeat of last week's drubbing looked on the cards after Blom took a $28,000 lead after just 350 hands. Most of that lead came from two hands where Blom's kings survived against Negreanu's AQ and his overpair queens faded the Canadian's flopped pair of tens and flush draw.

Kid Poker must have felt his luck was right out when he lost a big pot with AK against Blom's AQ and then ran pairs of kings and jacks into Blom's pocket aces. Negreanu's was down the best part of $120,000 after 1,247 hands but the four-time bracelet is nothing if not persistent and battled his way back into contention with a couple of timely double ups.

The comeback continued throughout the second half of the match and with just 350 hands of the challenge remaining Negreanu took the lead for the first time when his top pair survived against Blom's flopped second pair and straight draw. He strengthened that advantage further, crushing Blom's set of 4s with his own set of tens and cemented the win after calling Isildur1's Ad2h shove on a Qd4s3h board with AsQh. There was no miracle wheel leaving Negreanu with a $20k pot.

A delighted Negreanu took to the chatbox after his victory.

Isildur1: gg, nice comeback!
KidPoker: I won? wow sick! gg man thanks
KidPoker: I broke so much stuff in this room the first half
KidPoker: my assistant has lots of cleaning to do lol jkjk

Classy guy that he is, Negreanu was full of praise for his young opponent saying, “"Isildur is incredible. I hope to do a training lesson with him one day. He's the best."

Over the two matches Negreanu and Blom completed 3,941 hands with Isildur1 winning $150,005 in the first match to finish up $123,505 overall.

The SuperStars Showdown contests continue next week when Isildur1 will take on Scott 'urnotindangr' Palmer in another 5,000 hand two-legged encounter.

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