Negreanu Proposes Prop Bet Terms

Negreanu Proposes Prop Bet Terms

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Daniel Negreanu could be one step closer to his proposed $1 million prop bet after a series of recent forum posts.

Having initially tweeted that he could earn a profit after 50,000 hands at $25/$50 online, Negreanu received a wave of criticism. Not wanting to give up on his conviction, the PokerStars pro recently posted on 2+2 that he is keen to take the bet, but that the conditions would have to be conducive to his lifestyle.

In an attempted to set some initial rules and spark a discussion, Negreanu wrote:

"What I'm willing to do is play 50k hands ($25-$50 or higher) in one year. If I don't complete the required number of hands in year one, I would get an additional year to complete, but would be forced to sacrifice 10% of the bet. If I didn't complete the agreed upon number of hands in two years, I would lose the bet. So yes, I would bet a million on it as I said in that @reply to the dude who called me a dolt.

This is the first time I'm putting out a public offer. I'm open to negotiation, of course, because I'd really like to take this challenge on, as long as the parameters of the bet are conducive to me playing a relaxed schedule."

The message received a wave of responses, with some punters concerned that the proposed timeframe would make it easier for Negreanu.

"It matters because a year FORCES him to play less, and at more opportune times," 'DalmatianFlush' wrote.

However, a lot of people were keen to back Negreanu and explain that high stakes games don't run as frequently as other levels, so he would possibly struggle to complete the challenge any faster.

Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but if this one does go down it will certainly provide some interesting action for fans of the game.

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