Negreanu Gets Down for his Birthday

Negreanu Gets Down for his Birthday

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Whilst Phil Hellmuth was dressing up as a baby in a recent set of photos, Daniel Negreanu was dressing down for his 40th birthday celebrations in Las Vegas.

Late last week the PokerStars pro decided to create some posters for his landmark birthday and over the weekend he enjoyed a double celebration with both fans and poker friends.

As the alcohol began to flow at his pool party it seems as though Negreanu lost all his inhibitions and decided to let loose for the cameras.
Embracing his inner-youth, Negreanu posed for pictures before being caught dancing like a funky old guy with his shirt off.

With a few more million in the bank this year and another year of poker to look forward to we think we can forgive Negreanu for his questionable dance moves this time around.

Image courtesy of Brian Balsbaugh.

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