Negreanu Discusses Multi-Entry Events

Negreanu Discusses Multi-Entry Events

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What does Daniel Negreanu think about multi-entry tournaments? Well, according to his latest blog post, it's all a case of how the money stacks up.

Following a player forum with the WPT and its faithful alumni, Negreanu discussed a range of topics, including the place of multi-entry tournaments.

Personally, Negreanu prefers freezeout events, but he can see that there is a place for different options based on a particular casino's wants and desires. With multi-entry tournaments not likely to go anywhere in the near future, Negreanu decided to blog about the considerations professional players need to make when sizing up these events.

Essentially, Negreanu believes players should think of themselves as "a small business owner." The venue needs to be on board with any decision to host a poker tournament according to Negreanu and multi-entry tournaments have helped this.

"In order to get an event at Bellagio, the poker management team needs to convince the higher ups that having a poker tournament in the casino would be lucrative for their bottom line. If they are unable to convince the bosses that it will be profitable, they simply can't have the event. It's in YOUR best interest that the poker management team can create a pitch to the decision makers that it's a good idea."

Because of this, Negreanu believes that it's actually venues that dictate the structure of a lot of poker tournaments, such as the WPT. Referencing his recent multi-entry blitz at the Bellagio, Negreanu explained that the casino was actually in charge of the structure and that meant he could buy-in dozens of times.

Of course, the PokerStars pro can see both sides of the divide, but ultimately he isn't in favour of them. However, he does understand them and can see why they make sense in the poker world. Naturally, the debate over the place of multi-entry tournaments in the industry will rage on, but Negreanu hopes the first part of his blog will shed some light on the subject.

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