Negreanu Defends Matusow

Negreanu Defends Matusow

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Anyone who has watched poker on TV will know that Mike Matusow isn't exactly a shrinking violet. It seems that his reputation has gone before him at this year's WSOP though. The Mouth was hit with a one round penalty for excessively celebrating winning a pot late in the $2.5k Omaha-8/Stud-8.

The ruling was harshly criticised by much of the community with Joe Tehan describing it as 'the worst I've ever seen... So unfair, especially when we're playing for so much $$'.

Phil Hellmuth added:

Daniel Negreanu is the latest big name to weigh in, writing a blog on a penalty that was 'completely out of line'. Daniel added that a warning should have been given first before any penalty was dished out before making a more general point on rules and their enforcement.

“Poker is supposed to be fun guys, it's not war. There is no need for a Nazi like enforcement of rules that don't accomplish what they are designed to accomplish. If you are a tournament director, you would be wise to take a chill pill, keep it friendly, issue warnings followed by penalties when necessary, and do as little as possible to effect the outcome of tournaments that you haven't risked a penny to play.”

Read Daniel's full blog here.

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