Negreanu Analyses WSOP Hands

Negreanu Analyses WSOP Hands

Monday, 20 July 2015

Daniel Negreanu's run in this year's WSOP Main Event was one that literally had members of the poker community on the edge of their seats.

Being the biggest name both inside and outside of the game, a final table appearance by Negreanu would have brought a mass of mainstream media attention to the WSOP, moreover, poker had he made the cut.

Unfortunately, things weren't to be for Kid Poker as he fell at the final hurdle and left the tournament in 11th place. Despite picking up more than $500,000 for his efforts, Negreanu was naturally disappointed with the result; however, that hasn't stopped him blogging about his experience.

Keen to give aspiring players an insight into his strategy, the PokerStars pro penned a brief hand analysis during his final table run. Outlining the details of three key hands, the blog entry not only serves as a great training aid for novice players, but reaffirms Negreanu's status as one of the most affable and useful pros in poker.

Aside from giving some tips on how he balances his range, gets extra value with rag aces and avoids tricky pre-flop spots, Negreanu leaves readers with one of his biggest poker tips. Recounting a discussion he had with a friend during his WSOP, Negreanu basically states that poker is only hard if you make it that way.

"The game is much simpler than people want to make it out to be. It's only complicated when you choose to complicate it," wrote Negreanu.

While it might seem like the Canadian pro is trivialising what is quite a complex game, there is a lot of value in his insight. Poker can be tricky, but only if you let it become that way. By not over thinking the situation you can basically improve your EV in a lot of situations according to Mr. Negreanu.

To read Negreanu's full WSOP breakdown, click here.

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