Nebraska Poker Measure Fails

Nebraska Poker Measure Fails

Friday, 15 January 2016

Supporters of regulated poker in the American state of Nebraska have been dealt a bad beat after lawmakers shot down a proposed measure that would have regulated the game.

As it stands, poker in live venues is illegal in Nebraska thanks to the state’s decision to follow a constitutional definition of it being a game of chance. However, there has been a push by many state legislators and supporters to legalise the game as a way to bring in much needed revenues.

To help redefine poker as a game of skill, Nebraska Legislator Tyson Larson drew up a proposed measure laying out the reasons why poker is a game of skill alongside a series of regulations that would have made it legal for non-profit and church groups to host tournaments at events where alcohol was being served.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old’s proposal was defeated this week after opponents pointed to an opinion from the Nebraska Attorney General that draw poker is primarily a game of chance. The measure was also hurt by other groups suggesting that legalised poker could harm families and communities.

With Larson's latest attempt to push through regulation losing ground, the hope of legalisation in 2016 looks slim. Indeed, although an individual legislator or committee could prioritise the issue and bring the measure back into the spotlight, it remains unlikely that live poker will be permitted in Nebraska anytime soon.

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