Nadal Served by an Ace

Nadal Served by an Ace

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tennis legend Rafa Nadal made his PokerStars debut over the weekend but despite a spirited performance the tennis ace fell at the hands of poker’s most destructive ace: Ace King.

After anteing up €200 along with 1,842 other Spanish hopefuls in PokerStars’ ESCOOP, Nadal got off to a good start when he busted a player with a set of tens. He was then on the right side of fortune once again as he found pocket kings after a player had made a big move with pocket queens.

Having bolstered his stack to over 31,000 chips (players started with 20,000), Nadal than felt the wrath of the poker gods for the first time.
After taking an aggressive stance with As-Kh, Nadal hit what he thought was a perfect flop of: 3h Ad Jh. With two other players involved he gladly moved all his chips in, but once the cards were revealed he saw he was in desperate trouble.

Not only was he up against “andrreya93” and their set of threes, but also “jblmonodo66”’s set of jacks.

The Ah on the turn gave Nadal some hope of a miracle, but once the 2h landed on the river it was all over for the tennis legend.

Despite not making the money it was certainly a valiant effort from Nadal in his first major online tournament and perhaps the sign of things to come in the future.

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