Nadal Beats Ronaldo in Heads Up Clash

Nadal Beats Ronaldo in Heads Up Clash

Friday, 21 November 2014

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal emerged victorious in this week's battle of the sporting superstars after beating Brazilian footballer Ronaldo heads-up.

The PokerStars-sponsored pair met in a special charity match at London's Hippodrome Casino and raised $50,000 for The Rafa Nadal Foundation.

“It was close for most of the match and I’m delighted to have won,” said the 14-time Grand Slam winner. “I called all-in at the final hand, which proved to be a good move! Ronaldo is a football great and it’s amazing for me to have the opportunity to face him at the poker table. I’m happy for a rematch if Ronaldo is up to the challenge.”

The pair set up the match in September after previously facing each other at the Prague Poker Festival.

“Rafa played well, I made a mistake going all-in at the end with a bluff, but ultimately Rafa had the best hand,” said Ronaldo. “Sometimes you have to be bold in poker, and even though it didn’t work out this time, I had fun.”

As a forfeit for losing, the former Real Madrid star was forced to don a pair of marigolds and do the washing up in the Hippodrome's kitchen.

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