NBA stars resort to guns to settle poker feud

NBA stars resort to guns to settle poker feud

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Firing an extra bullet is an essential weapon in a poker player’s armoury. By firing a bullet we mean of course making a bluff on the turn or the river, not actually shooting a lead projectile. A couple of NBA players got the meanings a little confused, taking the ‘bullets’ maxim a little too literally.

Details are a little sketchy but it’s thought that Gilbert Arenas and teammate Jarvais Crittenton pulled guns on each other because of a $25,000 poker debt. Crittenton, unhappy at Arenas’ tardy payment, despite being on a six-year contract with the Washington Wizards worth $111m, told him, “I’m not your punk!” Arenas responded a few days later by leaving three guns close to Crittenton’s locker and telling him to choose one. It’s alleged that the guns were drawn but no actual shots were fired.

Trying to downplay the incident Arenas said, “If you know me, you’ve been here, I’ve never did anything (involving) violence. Anything I do is funny – well, it’s funny to me,” adding, “We were friends before, we’re friends now.”

A spokesman for the Wizards also tried to lower the temperature, saying, “We are continuing to co-operate fully with the proper authorities and the NBA and will have no further comment at this time.”

The investigation continues.

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