NBA Star Takes Hellmuth for $32k

NBA Star Takes Hellmuth for $32k

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Phil Hellmuth is well known for berating his weaker opponents at the table, especially “idiots from northern Europe”. The 13-time WSOP bracelet winner has taken the opportunity to show some love to some poker-playing basketball stars.

In a brief interview with celebrity gossip site, Hellmuth revealed that he'd recently lost $32,000 to Golden State Warriors' David Lee, describing the 31-year-old as 'excellent'. Phil was also impressed with the poker skills San Antonio's Tony Parker, Tim Duncan 'a killer at the poker table' and Andrew Bogut who Phil described as being 'at professional level'.

In the clip, Phil also offers his opinion on whether poker is a sport as well as letting the world know about his latest charity event which raised over $1m. Take a look below.

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