Mystery "Mr B" Continues To Decimate The Big Games


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Rumours abound as to the identity of the newest recruit to the high-stakes club on Full Tilt Poker. MR B 2 U SON came very coincidentally as David Benyamine departed and, whoever he is, he’s been cleaning up.

In recent action on monitored sessions, MR B 2 U SON won $549k playing Pot-Limit Omaha and H.O.R.S.E.

One of his biggest pots came from Gus Hansen in $200/$400 PLO. In a 3-bet pot the two bet the flop and then got it all in on the turn of a 5d-8c-Jh-2c board. Benyamine/not Benyamine held Kd-8d-6h-5h for two pair and Hansen Qh-9d-7c-6c for a seventeen-way straight draw and a flush draw. The river completed both hands, the 5c filling up the mystery man and making Hansen’s flush.

In other news, durrrr is back with a vengeance after being noticeably absent for… well, a few days, but that’s aeons for him. Firstly his J5s hit a nice J95 flop against MR B 2 U SON’s nut flush draw and he scooped a $240k pot; secondly he made quads over MR B 2 U SON’s boat for a $173k pot.

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