More arrests from EPT Berlin raid

More arrests from EPT Berlin raid

Friday, 19 March 2010

Yesterday we brought you news that one man was in custody relating to the armed raid at EPT Berlin earlier this month. Officials have confirmed that he has identified three of his fellow conspirators, one of whom has been arrested.

Prosecutor Sjors Kamstra told reporters that an unnamed 21-year-old German had admitted his involvement in the incident and that he had named his fellow robbers. Warrants were issued for the three but searches by Berlin police initially proved fruitless. One of the wanted men, 20-year-old Ahmad el Awayti was later arrested at a central Berlin underground station though. Two other men, Jihad Chetwie and Mustafa Ucarkus are still at large.

Police also revealed that the Mercedes used in the raid had been found but that the estimated €240,000 stolen from the tournament hadn't yet been recovered. Prosecutor Frank Heller indicated that the man who turned himself in would return his share of the stolen cash but that it was currently “with a third party”.

According to Heller, the man also told investigators that he had recced the venue in advance "And when he saw that the guards didn't have guns, they decided that they had a chance."

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