More From Molly Bloom

More From Molly Bloom

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Earlier this month's we brought you details of an extract from Molly Bloom's new tell-all memoir about high stakes Hollywood poker games.

With the book published this week, Bloom appeared on ABC's 20/20 TV show revealing more details about the games and the A listers who took part.

The former cocktail waitress described Matt Damon as 'modest' and 'nice', said that Ben Affleck 'had the gambling gene' and that Tobey Maguire 'was bloodthirsty' at the poker table.

According to Bloom, Maguire would also buy Leonardo DiCaprio into games in order to attract bigger players.

The hostess also revealed details of games featuring Wall Street billionaires, being attacked by mobsters and her arrest by the FBI.

Take a look below:

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