Moorman's Thoughts on Re-Entry Events

Moorman's Thoughts on Re-Entry Events

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Re-entry tournaments seem to be the hot topic in the poker world at the moment and with many pros, such as Daniel Negreanu traditionally benefitting from the format, questions are being asked as to their long-term feasibility. Indeed, while some players are in favour of them and want to see more, other pros such as Chris Moorman feel they are killing the game.

Detailing his thoughts in a recent blog post, Chris wrote that re-entry tournaments are "bad for the game" and shouldn't be as prevalent as they currently are. Although he stopped short of calling for an end to these events, he did say that he feels there should be less of them; especially as main events.

The extended post came after reading a recent article by tournament director Matt Savagewhich considered the current value of the re-entry format. One of the most important points made by Chris was that players will actually lose value if they over do it with re-entries. Using WPT Montreal as an example, Chris explains that a player entering on all three starting days would have needed to finish in the top 5% just to breakeven.

On top of this, Chris argues that re-entry events favour professional players because it removes the ability for amateurs to make bluffs in the early stages of a tournament because those with large bankrolls can easily make thin calls.

Our own Nick Wealthall is another player who doesn't like re-entry tournaments. Check out his recent piece asking why people keep dicking around with tournaments.

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