Moorman Wins More

Moorman Wins More

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Online tournament legend Chris “Moorman1” Moorman Almost added a second live title to his offline résumé yesterday after competing at the finale of the UKIPT's online event.

Having started out at the virtual felt, the action was moved to Bristol’s Gala Casino where the final eight players resumed their battle for the £77,126 first place prize.

Going into the event it looked like Chris was the man to beat as his total tournament winnings far eclipsed everyone else’s at the table; moreover, he was sitting third in chips, a fact which would make it hard for anyone to catch him if he gained some momentum. Things didn’t go to plan for the UK grinder though as a failed race with pocket nines against David Lenz’s Ac Kc left him with less than ten big blinds.

Having nursed a short stack many time before online, Chris bounced back and after watching the likes of Ben Jenkins and Dan Smyth hit the rail he found himself heads-up with Germany’s Wojtek Barzantny.

With the chip lead in hand it looked as though it would only be a matter of time before Chris closed out the match and bagged another title. However, Wojtek had other ideas and what he may have lacked in tournament skills he made up for in stubbornness.

Indeed, with more than 80 big blinds each the pair battled for longer than the final table combined. The match swung both ways before Wojtek made a breakthrough and after pinning Chris to the ropes he finally snatched a memorable victory when his Qh Jd caught a piece of the board against Chris’s Ac 3h. With that he claimed his first live win and added the legendary name of Chris Moorman to his list of victims.

1. Wojtek Barzantny - £77,126.03
2. Chris Moorman - £55,471.50
3. Rafael Porzecanski - £41,090.00
4. David Lenz - £30,817.50
5. Joep van den Bijgaart - £20,545
6. Dan Smyth - £14,381.50
7. Ben Jenkins - £9,245.25
8. Sregey Sergeevich Prostakov - £6,163.50

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