Moorman Does It Again

Moorman Does It Again

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It has become a common trend: Chris Moorman plays online MTTs and wins another Triple Crown.

Just a week after winning a record-setting 21st online Triple Crown, the British pro has done it again, this time right at the very last minute.

Having secured a $4,600 win on PokerStars on August 5, Moorman went on to claim an FTOPS jersey and $6,200 later that same day. With time ticking away and the seven-day deadline approaching, Moorman was able to bag a further $9,200 on Monday night with another win on PokerStars.

“Another week of poker, another Triple Crown,” Moorman tweeted.

“This time I did it on my very last tournament that was eligible #22.”

According to PocketFives, the win was Moorman's 264th in the online world and his 650th top-three finish. Moreover, out of the 892 online Triple Crowns that have been awarded since the title was invented, Moorman's efforts count for 2.5 percent.

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