Monstrous durrrr Challenge Session Last Night

Monstrous durrrr Challenge Session Last Night

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tom “durrr” Dwan played a lengthy series of challenge sessions last night, with big rollercoastering in results before eventually durrrr had to quit after falling asleep mid-hand.

The match began evenly, but there were some larger pots being played already. Soon durrrr went on a tear and extended his lead to over a million dollars – at peak, he was over $1.25m ahead of Antonius as pot after pot went his way, including a $293k behemoth that is the largest of the sessions.

The largest pot of the day came in a pot that was 4-bet pre-flop by Antonius when both players were over $145,000 deep. The 6s-7s-5c flop was enough for both to get it all in, with Antonius holding JT98 for the nut straight with more outs to hit higher straights.

However, Dwan was as close to a coinflip as you could be for a $293,000 pot, having 50.01% equity against Antonius’s 49.55% with Ks-9s-7d-6d for top two pair and a flush draw. A turned six shipped him the pot with a full house.

durrrr: i have a massage in 30min
durrrr: can cancel if ya want since i dont wanna hit n run ya
durrrr: but if u dont care too much id rather jus play after
durrrr: ur call
durrrr: yo?
Patrik Antonius: cancel it
durrrr: =(
durrrr: k

Antonius seemed determined and proceeded to knuckle down for hours, winning back most of the day’s losses in several smaller chunks. By the end of the evening when durrrr left, he was up only $50,000 on the day as opposed to the near half-million he had won earlier in the night.

Currently, the two have played 27,185 hands with durrrr up $779,248.

Watch the two players battle it out at Full Tilt Poker.

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