Moneymaker Denies Debt Allegation

Moneymaker Denies Debt Allegation

Friday, 25 October 2013

There appears to be a storm brewing between 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker and high stakes pro, Jason Young. According to a forum thread posted by Young yesterday: "Chris Moneymaker does not pay his debts."

The extended post basically outlines how Chris ran up a $25,000 sports betting debt with him and failed to pay it back. It seems that the two players first encountered each other in a sports betting thread and continued their business relationship once it had died. Jason had connections with the owner of a sportsbook and he was able to get Chris good prices on various fixtures.

However, after a bad run Chris apparently burnt through $20,000 and owed that (to Jason's "boss") plus a further $5,000 to Jason. In Jason's own words: "I told Chris I needed my money this was in the ballpark of 1 full year after he owed me this $. Told him that it wasn’t even for me, it was for other people that were owed this money. He confirmed to these people that he owed me this money, yet still to this day has refused to pay it."

Jason closed his post by urging Chris to do the right thing and pay up but Chris has decided to respond in kind with a forum pot of his own. Writing under the alias "dunlap", Chris admitted that he lost some money whilst betting through Jason but confirmed that the amount was only $15,000.

However, according to Chris, a number of players were allegedly owed more than $40,000 from Jason and so Chris decided to hold off paying the debt to see how things panned out. It was at this point Chris felt like there was something wrong: "Jason was telling them that his boss skipped town and he couldn't pay. At same time his "boss" is busting his chops to get my money."

Chris ultimately feels that he was being "freerolled" by Jason and since he's been a victim of this in the past he is determined not to pay.

Indeed, Chris feels that because he's well-known in the poker world he is a target for scams likes this and he is determined to take a stand.

The battle between the two looks like one that won't be going away anytime soon as the thread is currently 19 pages long and growing.

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