Mizrachi brothers open dealer academy in Florida

Mizrachi brothers open dealer academy in Florida

Monday, 13 February 2012

Typically when you think of “dealers in Florida” you think more “say hello to my little friend” than poker. Not this time – brothers Michael and Robert Mizrachi have opened the Mizrachi Dealer Academy in Florida.

The brothers, who got their start in poker from being dealers, have revealed a 120-hour course costing $1,200, for those who want to be poker dealers. According to their website, some dealers can earn as much as doctors. They also credit their time on the other side of the poker table with giving them the mathematical basis of their successful poker careers.

Both cite dealing as a large factor in turning them into world-class players, and hell, since Michael Mizrachi took down the $50,000 Players’ Championship (with Robert finishing fourth in the same tournament) and made the November Nine, who are we to argue?

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