Minieri and Lacay Headline Final Table at EPT Warsaw

Minieri and Lacay Headline Final Table at EPT Warsaw

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The day began with 24 players returning to the Polish capital for the EPT Polish Open Main Event. There were some big names from the European poker scene there too, with Roland de Wolfe, Dario Minieri and Isabelle Mercier still in contention for a place at the final table. In the end it was Dario Minieri who booked his place at the table of eight, taking the chip lead with him along the way.

Another player who will be joining Minieri there is Ludovic Lacay, although at the start of the day it looked as if he could be the first elimination. He open shoved with 8-2 offsuit only moments into the day's play and was called by Juan Manuel Pastor's pocket aces. The flop brought one deuce for the Frenchman before another appeared on the turn. That's one way to crack aces, I suppose. Lacay continued to ride his luck all day long, but did enough to take 296,500 to the final table, leaving him in mid-position.

Sadly there won't be an Englishman at the final table. Roland de Wolfe spent most of the first two days at the top of the leaderboard but was finally eliminated in 13th after moving over the top of Arnaud Mattern's opening raise with pocket fives. Mattern called with pocket nines and the dealer couldn't find one of the two fives for the Full Tilt Pro.

Here's how the final table lines up, along with their chip counts:

Seat 1: Arnaud Mattern - 238,000
Seat 2: Ludovic Lacay - 296,500
Seat 3: Andrea Benelli - 100,000
Seat 4: Michael Muheim - 89,000
Seat 5: Joao Barbosa - 123,000
Seat 6: Dario Minieri - 359,500
Seat 7: Nico Behling - 343,500
Seat 8: Sergey Shcherbatskiy - 349,000
Seat 9: Atanas Gueorguiev - 186,500

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