Minieri Near Top at EPT Warsaw

Minieri Near Top at EPT Warsaw

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Casino Poland Warsawza has closed its doors after Day 2 of the EPT Warsaw and there's a familiar face at the top of the chip counts. Diminuitive poker whizz-kid Dario Minieri had a good day in the office, eventually bagging 211,400 chips - enough for second place over night.

The start of the day saw some of the biggest names in European poker in close contention, with Roland de Wolfe, Ludovic Lacay and Antony Lellouche all joining Minieri on the leaderboard. It was a particularly bumpy day for Lellouche, especially considering a good start which made him the first player to go past the 100,000 chip count. In the end though a mix of bad cards and bad luck meant Lellouche would eventually bust short of the money.

Meanwhile Dario Minieri was doing his usual impression of a Dyson hoover on heat, moving his chips around in his usual aggressive fashion. One typical example involved the Italian four-betting preflop against Ludovic Lacay and Stefan Rotach, eventually forcing both players to fold. Minieri tabled T-8s as he dived over the table to rake in the chips. That's why we like the fella.

There are now 24 players left, and the slightly less well known name of Sergey Shcherbatskiy (trying saying that one after a pint) ended up with 265,900 to eclipse second-placed Minieri on 211,400. Roland de Wolfe continued his good work from the previous day to finish up on 169,000, while Marty Smyth is also alive and...well, he has chips.

Here's the top ten chip counts from Day 2:

Sergey Shcherbatskiy - 265,900
Dario Minieri - 211,400
Roland de Wolfe - 169,900
Arnaud Mattern - 139,200
Uffe Holm - 127,900
Juan Manuel Pastor - 117,100
Nico Behling - 112,700
Kevin MacPhee - 97,200
Ludovic Lacay - 89,100
Joao Barbosa - 85,900

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