Millionaire Sues British Casino for £10M

Millionaire Sues British Casino for £10M

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A high stakes British poker player is suing one of London's top casinos in what he claims was a deliberate attack against him.

Iraj Parvizi reportedly played in a special game for millionaires as London's Les Ambassadeurs Casino for a number of years before he began to suspect that two professional players were working together to fleece him.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Parvizi was a regular in the game featuring Arab Sheikhs and footballers such as Nicklas Bendtner but after suspecting he was being duped he stopped a cheque for £185,000.

At this point the casino took action but Parvizi moved to counter-sue for £10 million after filing documents with the High Court claiming "collusion and cheating".

Although the professional players aren't named in the article, Parvizi claims they worked together to encourage him to bet as much as possible. He also implicates the casino's masseuses, stating that their efforts to "relax" him and constant moving around the table were part of the elaborate scam.

Lawyers representing the casino and the players have denied the charges and they will now fight the case in court alongside Parvizi who is also facing a separate trial relating to accusations of insider trading.

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