Million Dollar Hand on

Million Dollar Hand on

Friday, 13 March 2009 are offering players the opportunity to win a $1 million jackpot in their “The Million Dollar Hand” promotion.

For every 15 Party Points a player earns they will be given a playing card. Once they’ve earned enough Party Points to build up a 5 card hand they will have the opportunity to win a prize, ranging from $5 if their hand contains a pair to a whopping $1m for a royal flush.

A spokesman commented “We have had to insure ourselves against the possibility of multiple royal flushes! All a player has to do is collect points and cards throughout the period.”

The full prize structure is

Royal flush $1,000,000
Straight flush $5,000
Four of a kind $1,000
Full house $250
Flush $100
Straight $50
Three of a kind $25
Two pair $10
One pair $5

All points earned throughout the promotion, which runs until 22nd March, will also count towards Palladium Lounge bonuses. For full details see

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