Milestone Reward for Micro Grinders

Milestone Reward for Micro Grinders

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PokerStars’ latest milestone hand dropped last night and, in a typically fitting turn of events, it was a selection of micro stakes grinders who enjoyed a cut of $122,000.

Continuing their countdown to 100 billion hands, PokerStars' race to 95 billion has been taking place over the last two weeks with multiple players receiving timely bankroll boosts.

However, yesterday saw the final hand in the current promotion dealt at a $0.08/$0.16 No Limit Hold’em table.

Following a momentary pause and a congratulatory message by Lee Jones, the nine players at the table were soon crossing their fingers and praying that the next hand was going to be their “one time”.

However, after it was discovered that one player, “MenFedlak”, had been disconnected, a courtesy 30 minute waiting period was initiated.

Unfortunately, the Hungarian player didn’t make it back in time, leaving the remaining eight players to move all-in and wait for the board.

A swift 3d-Qd-2c-6h-5h board meant “RichB17” had made an unlikely straight with Jc 4h to scoop the pot and the lion’s share of the milestone bonus.
Based on the number of VPPs accumulated in the previous 50 hands leading up to the big one, “RichB17” won $23,920, ahead of “pacheko2398” who banked $14,800.

The rest of the table, including “MenFedlak”, all received a bankroll boost of at least $10,000.


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