Mike “Timex” McDonald wins Epic Poker League Event #2

Mike “Timex” McDonald wins Epic Poker League Event #2

Monday, 12 September 2011

The second Epic Poker League event has concluded with Mike McDonald, better known by his online handle “Timex”, taking down the tournament after besting a tough final table and defeating David Steicke heads-up to win $782,410. In total, McDonald defeated a field of 97 to win the second ever Epic Poker League championship ring.

McDonald arrived at the eight-handed final table with the shortest stack and seven of the best in the world to get past – Erik Seidel made back-to-back Epic Poker League final tables alongside WSOP 2011 bracelet-winner Sean Getzwiller, Isaac Baron, Nam Le, David Steicke, Dutch Boyd and Fabrice Soulier. After the Frenchman busted in third place, Steicke and McDonald were left with similar stacks to battle it out heads-up.

The big hand occurred halfway through the heads-up showdown when McDonald put his life at risk holding 6-6, which held up in a big coinflip against Steicke’s A-Q. In the final hand, Steicke moved in with K-2 and McDonald called with A-4; ace high held up to ship the tournament to 21-year-old McDonald.

The full payouts were as follows:
1. Mike McDonald - $782,410
2. David Steicke - $506,260
3. Fabrice Soulier - $299,160
4. Erik Seidel - $184,100
5. Nam Le - $126,570
6. Isaac Baron - $92,050
7. Sean Getzwiller - $69,040

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8. Dutch Boyd - $57,530

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