Mike “Timex” McDonald to quit poker

Mike “Timex” McDonald to quit poker

Friday, 2 April 2010

Mike McDonald, a two-time EPT champion and Aussie Millions winner with $2.6m in tournament winnings, better known by his online handle of Timex, has announced that he is retiring from poker after a very successful – albeit short – career.

“Before talking about where I plan to go from here, I guess I should point out that I do enjoy playing poker and I doubt I'll ever straight up "quit" playing poker, I just think at this point I sort of feel no ambition towards poker,” he said.

“I suppose the biggest realization I've had is that I need to keep busy. My life goal was to more or less get to the point where I never had to do anything for the rest of my life as early as possible. I'm at that point; I have almost 0 obligations, responsibilities and if I really wanted to I could sit around for the rest of my life watching the world go by and I'm just realizing thats not what I want. I want to be able to have a wider group of interests, and meet more people with similar goals; I want to wake up each day knowing I can fill it with things that I find interesting or challenging rather than simply filling it with things that fill time.”

McDonald was the youngest ever winner of an EPT when he won in Dortmund two years ago. He came tantalisingly close to following it up with a second Dortmund victory in 2009 when he finished 3rd.

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