Mike 'Timex' McDonald Gunning for Second EPT Title at PCA Finale

Mike 'Timex' McDonald Gunning for Second EPT Title at PCA Finale

Monday, 13 January 2014

Speed seemed to be the order of the day during the penultimate session of this year's PCA Main Event as 20 players were whittled down to eight in just five hours.

First to fall on Day 5 was the infamous Roger Teska who'd become somewhat notable for his love of cocktails during the final few sessions. After having his pocket eights sucked out on by Madis Muur's pocket sixes, the American grinder was sent to the rail to drown his sorrows whilst his executioner moved amongst the chip leaders.

Whilst Muur thrived, the day wasn't so kind to a number of notable faces, including the UK's Max Silver who found himself as the unfortunate final table bubble boy after his Ad 4d wasn't able to overcome Pascal Lefrancois Kd Th.

That elimination not only put paid to the Silver's chances of winning gold but the possibility of another rowdy British rail adding some colour to today's finale.

However, while the final table might not see any overenthusiastic revelry from the rail, the action at the felt looks certain to be a world-class affair as a number of exciting pros will be in the mix. Indeed, alongside Isaac Baron and Pascal Lefrancois will be Canada's Mike 'Timex' McDonald.

Bidding to become the first player in history to claim two major EPT titles, McDonald will begin the session with 5,605,000 chips which enough to put him in second place behind Estonia's Madis Muur (6,205,000).

Today's final table will get underway later when one player will walk away with the winner's trophy and the top prize of $1,820,420.

PCA Main Event Final Table Chip Counts:
Madis Muur - 6,205,000
Mike McDonald - 5,605,000
Pascal Lefrancois - 5,595,000
Dominik Panka - 3,695,000
Fabian Ortiz - 3,040,000
Isaac Baron - 2,995,000
Daniel Gamez - 1,885,000
Shyam Srinivasan - 1,505,000

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