Mike Matusow's slow roll blow up

Mike Matusow's slow roll blow up

Saturday, 5 February 2011

If Bluff Europe had to draw up a list of professional poker players who would take especially unkindly to a slow roll then Mike Matusow (alongside Phil Hellmuth, Tony G and Luke Schwartz) would probably be at the top of the list.

The Mouth was on the receiving end of one such manoeuvre online and blew up in typically spectacular fashion. Matusow wrote on his Twitter account, “PLaying super turbos guy rses i ship 77 he types in i usually wouldnt call but i hear you run bad 1 sec left calls with aa name Scoss, scum”

He followed it up minutes later with the following, ““Want everyone who knows this scumbag or is friends with him to know hes lucky i dont have him removed from full tilt name Scoss”

Now Scoss's move certainly wasn't a classy one. If he was planning to use his gamesmanship profitably then it certainly had the right effect as he won all three of the $1,000 SNGs he played while the Mouth showed a $6,110 loss after his eight tourney session.

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