Mike Matusow – can he pay off Ted Forrest?

Mike Matusow – can he pay off Ted Forrest?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mike Matusow’s autobiography, Check-Raising the Devil, tells the story of a talented poker player, degenerate gambler and struggling drug addict. Before and since the release of this tell-all book, people have speculated about his financial situation and it’s happening again now.

We reported that Ted Forrest, having reached the super-low weight of 138lbs before the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event, had won $2,000,000 from Matusow in a dangerous and awesome prop bet. Now there is speculation as to whether or not Matusow can afford to pay off the two megas.

Matusow Tweeted yesterday “to all you idiots digging into my finances” stating that “Ted Forrest has been paid so go jerk off”. Charming.

However, this does contradict ESPN columnist Gary Wise who claimed that Matusow is to pay off Forrest in $5,000 monthly increments.

"I think he's 50-50 to die,” said Matusow allegedly. “He starved himself for 11 days and ran 16 miles a day. He's lost all of the muscle around his heart. He could have a heart attack. All that for $5,000 a month. He'll get paid all of it but I made it clear when we made the bet he'd get $5,000 a month. He tried to kill himself for $5,000 a month."

However, Forrest has a different view still: “He beat me [last year], and I paid him off. I think he should try to pay me as much as he can in the next two months and then work out a satisfactory, reasonable, agreeable payment arrangement.”

Of course, we are also reporting today that Matusow won $100,000 in the Florida State Poker Championships last night, so that helps...

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