Mike Hill leads record-breaking UKIPT Nottingham with 12 left

Mike Hill leads record-breaking UKIPT Nottingham with 12 left

Monday, 14 February 2011

The UKIPT Nottingham currently boasts a record; the 1,058 runners for the £550 event made this the largest field in UK poker history. Oh, and there’s a £100,000 first prize. Dusk Till Dawn, the club currently hosting 12 of the 1,058 players in the tournament, plan to break the record in May with a 1,600-player Grand Prix.

But enough of that, it’s only a £50 buy-in and each player left in the UKIPT field is guaranteed a payout of ninety times that. However, eight make the final table and can then truly chase the £109,000 on offer for first place. Most likely to do so is Mike Hill who holds the chip lead with over 2.4m.

The rest of the players aren’t far behind him though as after sixteen hours of play on Day 2, the players surviving managed to build big stacks. Returning tomorrow with blinds at 15,000/30,000 and an average stack of forty big blinds there’s still plenty of play before we crown a champion of the UK’s biggest tournament.

The chip counts for Day 3 are as follows:

1.Mike Hill 2,422,000
2.Tim Bettingen 1,908,00
3.David Heaton 1,893,000
4.Khoa Nguyen 1,708,000
5.Romano Pizzo 1,673,000
6.Gareth Walker 1,320,000
7.Chris Dowling 1,172,000
8.Sean Fitzpatrick 1,103,000
9.Thomas Rolfe 888,000
10.Ian Gilchrist 580,000
11.Brett Angell 555,000
12.Nick Slade 500,000

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