Microstakes PokerStars player from NZ wins 65 billionth hand

Microstakes PokerStars player from NZ wins 65 billionth hand

Monday, 25 July 2011

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or not playing on PokerStars – you’ll be aware that they were building up to the milestone 65,000,000,000th hand dealt at the site. It was dealt yesterday at a $0.1/$0.25 NL table like thousands of others on PokerStars with the lucky winner of the milestone hand being yllams from New Zealand.

In the build-up to the big six-five-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh you get the picture, PokerStars had already awarded almost $700,000 to players who happened to be dealt into a hand that ended in a load of zeroes. With the 65bnth promising $1,700 for being dealt in and at least $65,000 to the winner, PokerStars was packed yesterday afternoon. Over 230,000 players were at the cash games hoping to be dealt in.

Our Kiwi ran super-good – not only did he get dealt into this hand and lock up a certainly-bankroll-doubling $1,700, he was dealt A-K. Up against K-Q and T-T (plus the other three players’ rags) he was flipping at a slight disadvantage for over $65,000. Two aces on the flop and a lack of tens on the turn and river sealed the deal, shipping him not only a 600BB pot but a further 273,680 big blinds – or $68,420.

Overall, there were 300 milestone hands in the run-up to number sixty-five billion, awarding more than $770,000 in prizes to thousands of players. Of course, the rate PokerStars go, we’ll be awarding the 66 billionth hand some time tomorrow.

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