Micros Considering Major Funding

Micros Considering Major Funding

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's been a while since they last graced our screen but the plucky Micros could make a welcome return to the community in the near future according to one of the show's creators, Jay Rosenkrantz.

After an old Micros thread was revived on 2+2, the former high stakes player responded by stating that he and his colleagues have been considering the prospect of a Kickstarter campaign.

Over the last few months the number of poker players turning to the group funding site has increased and Jay feels that it could be the best way for the animated series to regain some life.

Indeed, in recent weeks there have been calls for the show to be sponsored by Full Tilt again; however, it seems that these pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

However, undeterred, Jay and his team believe they could run a weekly comic strip through a Kickstarter fund before creating a stretch goal (a long-term goal within the funding program) to pay for an animated series.
As yet the plans are still in an embryonic stage, but if things are to go ahead then Jay has earmarked March as the likely time for the funding effort to begin.

Check out the Micros back catalogue at The Micros YouTube site.

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