Microgaming changes rake rules

Microgaming changes rake rules

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Microgaming network is changing the way it charges rake. Instead of using a ‘contribution’ based method it will switch to a ‘weighted contribution’ system.

Under the old system rake was allocated between operators depending on how many players were involved in a hand. It didn’t give any consideration to the relative contributions in the pot leading to accusations that the system was overly beneficial to sites with larges numbers of so-called ‘rakeback grinders’. The network claims that the new system should enable a fairer distribution of rake while encouraging operators to bring in players at a lower skill level.

“The introduction of the new ‘weighted contribution’ will reward operators with a greater proportion of looser, fishy-type players, encouraging them to target these players proactively while making rakeback as a practice less attractive within the Network,” said Andrew Clucas, spokesperson for Microgaming. “It is believed this initiative will encourage the right sort of contributing players into the Network while discouraging the grinding type of behaviours, which can be so negative to the health of the Network.”

Microgaming, which includes Ladbrokes Poker and 32Red Pokerisn’t the only network to make the move to a ‘weighted contribution system’. The iPoker network caused consternation last month after axing Blonde Poker due to an excessive number of winning players.

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