Michael “Superbad” Cera is “a shark” at poker

Michael “Superbad” Cera is “a shark” at poker

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Celebrities playing poker is something one gets used to when reporting on the poker world, but Superbad star Michael Cera is definitely not one that we saw coming. Although he does suit the derogatory stereotype of the Internet poker geek... at least in his movies.

On the set of his new movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, his co-star Johnny Simmons revealed that Cera was the Mike McDermott of the movie star poker game on that set: "He's a damn good poker player, and he takes all your money," said Simmons. "Michael and Keiran Culkin are shark-level. I lost so much per diem to those guys."

"I wouldn't say I'm great," Cera said to PEOPLE magazine with regards to his alleged poker abilities. He did confess that his colleagues "didn't know what they were getting into … I play in a really good game in L.A. with really good players, people who are a few levels above me.
"I just try to walk away with my money from that game, and that's made me a better player."

Professional poker players should all be so humble... we’re talking to you, Hellmuth.

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