Mexico Pushing Poker Regulation

Mexico Pushing Poker Regulation

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Online poker players in Mexico could be facing legal restrictions on their play in 2015 if a new bill manages to make its way through the Mexican parliament.

The new regulations, which will be heard before the close of 2014, will essentially lockdown Mexico's borders and force residents to play only against other residents.

If the new bill is passed, then all operators wishing to remain active in the country will need to have servers based in Mexico, as well as a registered business in the country. All players will then have to be filtered through a portal and will only be able to compete against Mexico natives.

As well as laws restricting the reach of operators, the bill also sets out conditions for blocking ISP as well as financial transactions between banks and unregulated sites.

The news will certainly come as a blow to the US players that moved to Mexico after Black Friday. Under the new regime they would be forced to compete against a much smaller playerpool which may mean many professional grinders may decide to up sticks once again and move to another country where their liberty isn't restricted.

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