Merson expresses high-stakes discontent

Merson expresses high-stakes discontent

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Greg Merson has used a recent interview with QuadJacks to express his discontent with the high-stakes poker world.

Despite being the 2012 world champion, Merson said that he has found it difficult to get any action in the big games of Las Vegas this summer.

The American has previously singled out one casino in particular, the Aria, and criticised both its players and staff for freezing out certain players.

Unhappy that a public game was essentially rendered private thanks to a few regulars dictating the action and keeping the fish for themselves, Merson felt obliged to alert the community.

Following this initial rant, QuadJacks spoke with Merson just before he left Las Vegas in order to get his thoughts on the situation two weeks after the fact. In the subsequent interview, the 2012 WSOP main event champion explained how such underhanded policies not only affect high-stakes players but everyone in the community.

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