Merge awards million-dollar bad beat jackpot

Merge awards million-dollar bad beat jackpot

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Merge network, one of the few sites remaining with US players allowed, saw a bad beat jackpot that had swelled to more than a million dollars hit this week with players at a $1/$2 fixed-limit table taking home over $700,000 between them.

In the hand, a player holding Q-Q clashed with another holding 7-7 on a Q-7-Q-x-7 board for a quads over quads cooler.

However, 'Eulson' may have lost the pot but he took the lion’s share of the jackpot as $355,000 is a nice consolation prize.

The player with the queens, '123maryc', received $177,000 for winning the hand while the other players at the table earned more than $25,000 apiece just for watching the hand take place at their table.

After an administrative fee, $200,000 was put aside to fund the next Bad Beat Jackpot, which has already swollen to more than quarter-million dollars.

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