Mercier and Binger headline NAPT final table

Mercier and Binger headline NAPT final table

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

We said this on Twitter yesterday but it’s not really ‘news’ to report that Jason Mercier has had a deep run or a final table in a major tournament. But we’re diligent and dutiful journalists so we’ll report it anyway – PokerStars pro Mercier is currently second in chips at the eight-handed final table of the inaugural NAPT LA Main Event.

Mercier chipped up throughout the day and after a lull prior to the final table bubble managed to get his stack back over the 3.5m mark. However he had no chance of catching chip leader Chris DeMaci after a truly huge hand that occurred just half an hour into Day 4:

Second place in the chip counts Micah Raskin arrived at the table and raised the cut-off to 70,000 while still unbagging his chips. DeMaci 3-bet and Raskin called to see a flop of J-T-T; Raskin check-raised DeMaci’s bet and had to sit still while tournament staff unbagged and stacked the rest of his chips.

DeMaci called and when the turn was an ace Raskin instantly went all-in. DeMaci hummed and aahed before making the call with A-T for a turned full house. Raskin sheepishly flipped over not J-J or A-A as he represented but 6-6 for a stone bluff. This gave DeMaci over 6m in chips and held that lead until the eight-handed final table was set.

The chip counts for the final table which begins today are as follows:
1.Jake Tool – 1,975,000
2.Joe Tehan – 1,907,000
3.Michael Binger – 1,670,000
4.Van Nguyen – 1,058,000
5.Jason Mercier – 3,800,000
6.Al Grimes – 982,000
7.Ray Henseon – 3,268,000
8.Christopher DeMaci – 6283,000

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