Mercier Loves Football Tennis

Mercier Loves Football Tennis

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jason Mercier might spend the majority of his life grinding poker tournaments but in the last few days he’s managed to spend some time away from the felt and with his family in Florida.

Describing his latest antics in a recent blog post, Jason has spent a lot of his time in the last few weeks relaxing with friends and family whilst looking for a new house.

After selling his apartment Jason scoured the market and will soon be moving in a condo in Fort Lauderdale but not before he takes a short trip to Toronto.

Despite being in his home town for more than a few days the allure of poker was too much for Jason to resist as he decided to take part in the $2,500 Florida State Championships.

Arguably the best player in the field helped Jason overcome a severe lack of sleep but as the action wore on fatigue caught up with him and he busted just three places from the money.

Away from poker completely, Jason summed up his latest blog post by explaining that he’d dropped from 193 pounds to 168 pounds courtesy of a new exercise routine: soccer tennis (or football tennis for us in Europe).

A staple game for kids across Europe, Jason has been discovering the virtues of kicking a football over a net with the aim of beating his opponent.

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